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A Musical Journey


Words from Mike...


"...Vibe cultivator. 

Writer extraordinaire. 

Audio engineer. 


Music and the creative process is what keeps me going.  It's what keeps me motivated.  It's what keeps me sane.  


My passion for the craft is fueled by the respect of the culture and understanding of the impact.  Any time I am given the opportunity to create or be a part of a creation, I cherish the moment and put my best foot forward.  I strive to remain authentic and inspire others by my actions and my life story one vibe at a time."




We Live To Undergo Experiences


We Learn From Experience


We Listen To Each Other's Journey

Meet "The Mission"

Meet "Mike Mitch & the collective"

Meet "The Music"

By inspiring a collective way of thinking and promoting strength in numbers, what we aim to highlight is the importance of unison and progression.  We all have learned life lessons and talents that are key to preservation of self but there is a responsibility we have to share those lessons and gifts with others who can learn and be inspired from it. Through Live. Learn. Listen., we welcome all open minded individuals to come and build a culture of sharing, of expanding resources and developing a support network to help you acheive the goals of your dreams.  With the hardships and internal delimmas we may all have, Live.Learn.Listen. provides a space and opportunity for them to come together and reinvigorate a spirit of love and productivity.  With our networks, members, and common understanding of the importance of giving back, we collaborate to create content, events and projects that are executed exactly how we envision them, or better.

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