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3rd Annual
Mitch Day Classic 2024

Enhancing our vision and plan, the Live.Learn.Listen. Co. collaborates with Tsuyen, Shenyen to celebrate Mike Mitch's Birthday in 2024.  From customized jerseys, shorts and themed tee shirts to a space to celebrate community, we will be showcasing our brands as different teams suit up to be crowned champions.  Ticket options for admission are available below.

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A image of a mysterious black basketball

More About Mitch Day...

Mitch Day is a day that ties together love, community and competitition.  Come out to celebrate Mike Mitch, his community and for a fun day of entertainment. Here is a broader scale of the evening's itinerary.

- Competitive bracket based street ball tournament

- Enjoy a playlist of Mike Mitch, indie artists he support and L.I.E Music Group's Catalog

- TSUYEN, SHENYEN preview of their upcoming lines pop-up shop

- Raffles


This is our 3rd year hosting this tournament/ event.  Relive the experience here:

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